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Object Insertion Preview #6:
This Dildo wasn't made for Humans

Video description:
Want to see some of the biggest dildos ever created? Watch this scene and be amazed. Here you'll find an all star lineup of giant toys. Can this girl take them? Well, she sure does try. She may not be able to do it all but she does her best.  We'd be amazed if she could feel anything after this assault on her pussy and ass. These objects just weren't meant to be put into humans... they're that large!  Besides being fucked by these toys, she gets a double dose of real life cock as well.


Object Insertion Preview #7:
Extreme Object Insertions

Video description:
This chick is so fucking horny, she grabs anything she can get a hold on to fill up her pussy. And it really does fill her up, her cunt is almost ripped to parts while she fucks herself even harder with these weird objects. Watch the video inside the members area now, you almost won't believe what this girl stuffs into her cunt.


Object Insertion Preview #8:
Veggie Lover

Video description:
Camilla is a lonely housewife with a full fridge. She makes herself look sexy and then goes down to the kitchen to grab a cool cucumber. It's easy to guess what happens from there and boy is it intense. She fucks herself in the ass with that large piece of produce. Soon a worker drops by to add to the fun. He fucks her and uses all the objects he can find in the fridge to enhance the experience. Ever see a chicken quarter go up a chick's ass? Watch this video and you'll be able to say you have.


Object Insertion Preview #9:
Extreme Threesome

Video description:
This threesome may start off normal but it turns into something else entirely. Brigette is targeted and is forced to do some very dirty things. 
She's pushed to the limits and totally violated with some giant objects
Like any normal person, she's extremely hesitant at first. However, once her holes stretch and her ass loosens up a bit, she's really into it. This girl takes these huge objects into her butt and snatch like a champ. She shocks everyone involved when she starts begging for more!


Object Insertion Preview #10:
Kinky Game of Twister

Video description:
It's certainly not just another day in the park. This couple makes a game of twister turn into something extremely perverse. Objects included in this scene are a tiki torch, a dog bone, and a giant mechanical dildo. This girl gets tore up from the floor up and that's putting it lightly. Even after her pussy and ass are brutalized, the guy keeps going and adds ping pong balls, more dildos, and even his cock to the list of things that go up her holes. This is a fun filled day, that's for sure.


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